Camera for Google Drive
for participating schools

With SchoolCam the photos and videos that you take are automatically stored in Google Drive without being stored on the device. This means full control of photos for the classroom!

  Contact us to enroll your school or district  

Use an existing Google Drive no need to create new accounts

SchoolCam let's you choose or create folders to upload your new and existing photos

Keep photos organized and private by uploading them directly to Google Drive

Import and upload photos and videos from your 'Camera roll'

Privacy in mind, security on board

SchoolCam was built for Schools that use Google Classroom and Google Drive to store files and images of student’s work.

The photos taken with SchoolCam are immediately uploaded to Google Drive and are not stored on the device except when the device has no connectivity in which case the app holds the images until it can connect again with Google Drive

We’ve worked with an important School District in the US to come up with a product that will be useful in the classroom environment and that enhances student’s privacy

Photos are never stored in any intermediary server. They go from device to Google Drive directly.

Customization options

We offer a few customization options depending on the necessity of each school. Some of the options include

  • Warning when the app starts to remind users of the app to have a media release document signed
  • Display or hide a cloud tab inside of the app allowing users to view photos already stored in Google Drive
  • User filtering with an specific domain name
  • Allow or disallow taking photos and videos in full or medium resolution
  • For other customization options please contact us


  • We offer different pricing options depending on the number of licenses needed in each school or district
  • Contact us for details: